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Thao Wetsuwan Amulet & Crystal Bracelet

Thao Wetsuwan Amulet & Crystal Bracelet

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Thao Wetsuwan (ท้าวเวสสุวรรณ) Amulet is a meticulously crafted piece that showcases intricate details and expert craftsmanship. This amulet features the powerful and protective symbol of the Vessavana mythical in Buddhist mythology. The amulet is believed to attract good fortune, wealth, and provide protection. Each amulet is custom made with natural stones, making it a unique and meaningful accessory. It also makes a great gift for loved ones. Rest assured, Thao Wetsuwan amulet has been blessed by  Buddhist monk in the temple ceremony, adding an extra layer of spiritual significance. Enhance your style and invite positive energy into your life with this exquisite amulet.

Note: Stones are a natural material and there WILL be differences with each and every piece.

Stones : Carnelian, African Turquoise size 8 mm

Wrist Size : 7.5 inches

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